Trek Ebikes for sale

Performance and asthetics is nothing new to the Trek brand, and this fact couldnt align more with the Trek ebike range. The Trek Rail ebike model paves the way and is one of the best looking bikes on the market offering great battery life and a superb build quality. Trek very much like Specialised is one of the big players in the new faced paced e-biking scene making it certainly a bike to add to your wishlist. Later models have increased torque and bigger battery ranges meaning no matter what trail you want to ride, the Trek ebike is more than capable. The Trek rail model has the downhills covered where as theTrek E-Caliber  has your traditional cross country feel in mind. Both  incredibly capable e-bikes and astehtically outstanding! Shop below to see the full range available;

Trek ebikes for sale

Impressive TORQUE & RANGE

Huge torque figures, easily an ebike top trump favourite when you are out on the trail.

£5k - £12k

Full range with looks to match the pricing. 

1st Class Components

Really high  quality extras as standard leaving you satisfied and not wanting to upgrade.

Trek ebikes for sale

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