Welcome to website, blog, youtube channel and marketplace!

The first ever blog post, the one that is created so there is some content on the brand new website – Yeah well, welcome to that post.

So that ebike guy, Trails and enduro enthusiast and never really rode a mountain bike until 2019, starting with a Whyte G-170 purchased because of the amazing baby blue colour. It was very very hard work, my friends were seasoned enduro riders so going out with them was fast paced. So much so after 3 rides they were so sick of waiting for me at the top of the hills I didn’t really get invited again 🙁

Lockdown entered a new dilemma, no motorcycle trials and no enduro events, in fact no travel… So a friend had an ebike and I bought the same one in a better colour ha I loved mountain biking, well every part of mountain biking except the painful uphills, the ebike fixed this and I enjoyed every part of it. Without the ebike I just wouldn’t be mountain biking, the novelty of the baby blue Whyte (now the site colours) would have worn off and would have probably gone go-karting.

Now over 2000miles on the old Levo Turbo and its time to turn it up a notch. Enter the Enduro World Series, the closest event is Scotland so not far away, really I would have loved to be in the bigger class with the timed stages, but lets go see what its all about and from there maybe set some goals for next year!

Really the website is here to support the youtube channel, there a huge list of places to visit and trails to ride so Im going to try and vlog the lot! So keep your eyes peeled for the big crashes!

Specialized Levo Turbo Comp 2020 Taupe