Haibike Ebikes for sale

Since 1995 Haibike have been combining German Engineering with cycling and not far off 30 years later the production line is like no other. Haibike ebikes are continuing to develop year on year and are a very very popular choice. Recent models give access to the hardest of trails such as the Haibike ALLMTN emtb. With superior Gen 4 Bosch motors with over 600w batteries they now have a superior influence in the market!

Haibike ebikes for sale

600w+ Battery Range

Impressive range with the Gen 4 Bosch motor

£4k - £8k

Strong second hand value and don’t seem to be overpriced for all the toys and full carbon!

Is Carbon your thing?

Look out for the all carbon models, these are likley to gather great pace in all environments.

Haibike ebikes for sale

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