Giant Ebikes for sale

Giant is one of the biggest ebike manufacturers in the world, they seem to have embraced this by producing a true, capable, mid market mtb ebike range. Giant ebikes do seem to have had some bad press with water ingress in the 2020 models but owners report the service and warranty from Giant has been second to none. 2021 models onwards seem to be refreshed and include much of the long awaited modifications to the design. The Giant Trance E+ range rides exceptionally well, and for a heavyish bike compared to the competition you certainly can’t feel this when behind the bars. The price range for the second hand Giant Trance seems to be reasonably low and this ebike is a sure way of entering the ebike world without spending a fortune.


Giant ebikes for sale

500w Battery Range

Impressive Yamaha motors with lots of go.

£4k - £6k

Low second hand value means a good place to start entering the ebike scene. 

Exceptional Giant Support

Reviewing social media forums displays good support from Giant, although some waiting times for parts.

Giant ebikes for sale

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