That ebike guy, that ebike life. A keen trials and enduro rider but by no means an elite downhill mountain biker. The goal for 2021 is the Enduro World Series (EWS-E50) event in October! Join me tackling the taboos of ebiking one trail at a time as I visit trail centres and bike parks across the UK to get me ready for my first ever race, with some picturesque destinations along the way! 


Specialized Levo Turbo Comp 2020 Taupe

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“Ive rode an analog mountain bike around Hamsterley and Dalby Forest riding full red and black routes, safe to say I didn’t want to see another mountain bike for the foreseeable. Enter the ebike and I want to not only ride every day of my life, but I want to go further and further everytime out”

“Next time someone refers to you as an ebike W**ker make sure you ride past them up hill, compare the look on their face to the massive beaming grin on your face! Surely no one enjoys pedaling uphill, FACT.

With an ebike the old faithful 80/20 rule is reversed, 80% enjoyment and 20% graft, whats not to like”

E-Biking Is Expensive

Or is it?

Yeah the initial outlay seems pricey, but realisitically the decent analogue mountain bikes are creaping up in price too. For not a lot more investment you could go for longer and have an even bigger smile, recovering quicker to ride again tomorrow and the day after.

Follow our Youtube channel as we video how to service, maintain and fix e-bikes yourself, to avoid huge servicing costs. E-bikes wear and tear more than your average mountain bike so its important to carry out the essentials yourself. We video the trickier bits with a minimal investment of £50 in tools, the saving £££ is insane! 

E-biking is becoming seriously popular and is tipped to take over before 2025 and still a very taboo subject and controversial with analogue mountain bikers. I bought an e-bike during the UK lockdown in 2020, so what better than a dedicated place to document the trials and tribulations of the new venture!

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